Welcome to Some Positive Space!

Hello, everyone!

I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of a brand new, different kind of news blog: Some Positive Space.

I think I first decided I wanted to become a journalist when I was watching the nightly news with my family. Watching it, I was just very disappointed at the fact that they seemingly ran bad news stories like a shooting or a tax issue, right after another, and then finished with a positive story to end the night on.

To me, that seemed a little wrong and disingenuous; why aren’t there more positive stories throughout than some just tacked on to the end to make it seem like there’s nothing bad going on in the first place?

I decided right then and there that as a journalist, my goal would be to change the landscape of how news is presented. This site is my action on that goal.

In our world, right now, I believe that we are more divided than ever, and there is so much distrust and negativity being spread throughout the media.

However, even though it sometimes seems like there’s nothing good in the world, there is always news of people doing good, genuine things that are sometimes covered up by the latest tragedy or political pointer.

That’s what the goal of this site is: highlight the good in the world, which there is still plenty of.

In addition to sourcing and archiving stories from around the internet from different sizes of publications, I have also opened up a Community section. This gives a chance to smaller stories that may not get picked up by big news companies a chance to shine. In the link, there is a Google Form with more information on how to submit your small positive story.

IT IS UNWISE to pretend like there is no negativity in the world. However, I think it’s always nice to have a reminder that there is ALWAYS….

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I’m incredibly excited to begin this journey. I hope you are too!

Michael Sneff, somepositivespace.com

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